The Flower School Brighton opened in 2010.  We decided we wanted to give a local but mobile, quality but affordable place for students to learn about floristry.  Having seen and known how it was done we knew there was a place for us to get students enjoying floristry as well as get some started on their own floristry careers.

Creating great floral arrangements is challenging and skillful work however there is always a place for those to enjoy as well as learn.  We cater for those students that want to spend a morning, a day or a whole course learning floristry skills.  The type of students we have can be friends wanting to have fun together,  hens wanting to do something creative and beautiful as part of their celebration, new or professional florists with specific learning requirements.   Our courses are structured to all of these needs and we are flexible and keen to create new courses or get involved in other initiatives.


Norie Fujimori has over 10 years’ experience in the floristry industry. Having first trained at the prestigious De Master Dutch Flower School in Tokyo for four years. She then worked with internationally renowned florists Jane Packer and Paula Pryke. Norie then went on to work for one of the top florists, Absolute Flowers, in London. Since working in London, Norie has continued working with prestigious florists in and around Brighton and regularly designs and creates beautiful, original arrangements for a wide range of events across Sussex.

The Flower School Brighton course agenda with roses and flowers placed over it

The training I received was amongst the best and I want to be able to pass on what I have learnt to others through The Flower School Brighton. – Norie

Giancarlo Squillaci has a background of 8 years in international digital work. Working in project and marketing roles for a global medical insurer and later a Brighton based international digital agency. Now  he is focused working with The Flower School Brighton.

It is such a pleasure working for and talking about a company where you have absolute confidence in the quality of the teaching, flowers and ethics. – Giancarlo