There aren’t many people out there who don’t love flowers and now with supermarkets doing a good selection it’s easy to brighten up your home whilst you do your weekly shop.

However, we hear time and time again from people, “I love flowers, I just never know what to do with them”… Well we want to help you with that, with just a few small tweaks you can make a bunch of flowers look like they’ve been specially delivered to you from a florist!

On Wednesday 4th November 2015 we will be running our Flowers in a Vase workshop, this is a lovely evening workshop where we will supply you with gorgeous flowers, a lovely vase to take home and teach you a few tricks of the trade in how to arrange these. We will also give lots of advice on how to choose and use different containers, they don’t even need to be expensive – just look at how good these tin cans look!


With your new found skills, you can decorate your home for Christmas, simply brighten up your kitchen or impress your friends when you next entertain at home!


An evening with flowers…

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