A few years ago edible flowers were only really seen in high end restaurants used to decorate beautiful dishes, however they are becoming more and more available which means all of us can make our plates look pretty!

Blueberry and pansy cake

Cakes, cocktails, lollie’s, salads – lets face it – they all look better with a few flowers thrown in! Cornflowers, violas, pansies the list of edible flowers is ever increasing and in Brighton we are very lucky as The Sussex Flower Farm are constantly expanding their range of edible flowers. So in buying from them not only will you be adding a pop of colour to your food but you’ll also be supporting an independent local flower farm!

Eat up!

So when the sunshine¬†comes out again and the cocktails are flowing… Float a flower on top of your lychee martini, it makes it even more delicious!

Floral cocktails

Mmmm…. edible flowers!

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