Of course we all remember the wedding of Princess Diana and HRH Prince Charles.  The huge dress, the long train and of course the wired wedding bouquet!

Diana's wired wedding bouquet

Shunned in recent years as being “too 80’s” the wired wedding bouquet is making a welcome comeback.  Whilst we are not yet seeing too many long wired bouquets, look through any bridal flowers magazine and you will see many of the bouquets have an element of wiring!

Kate Middleton’s bouquet, whilst not quite the epic size of Princess Diana’s would still have had each stem of lily of the valley individually wired to help create the perfect tear drop shape.

So to help make sure our students are on trend, we have created a beginners wedding two day workshop.  Kates wired wedding bouquet

This two day workshop will introduce you to different styles of wired bouquets, how to select flowers and then how to create your wired bouquet using a bouquet stand and floral foam bouquet holder.

However, don’t feel daunted by the thought of wiring a bouquet – we will give you plenty of support throughout the day and can guarantee that you will leave with a beautiful design!

The wired wedding bouquet returns!

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